Wholesale bakery

The GP200 PE impact traffic door is ideal for use in large and busy thoroughfares in industrial food production. The door’s large leaves are supported by four hinges respectively – the spring forces of which can all be individually adjusted. The finishing touches of this highly robust door include bumper bars and end-to-end, overlapping PVC finger guards.

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PE swing door with stainless steel U-frame installed to insulation panels PE impact door between production areas in an industrial bakery


Polyethylene is an extremely hygienic material and is therefore also ideal for use in doctor surgeries and laboratories. In this paediatrician’s practice, our GP200 PE swing door - in orange – is used both to meet the practice’s practical needs and to act as a key design element. All of our consultation room and laboratory room doors are made to measure and can be fitted with a range of different windows and finger guards.

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Passage to examination and treatment rooms Frameless acrylic glass windows Passage to examination and treatment rooms View through swing door window into examination room


The GP 800 wooden swing door is an extremely popular and classical choice for use in restaurants. The GP 800 comes with robust stainless steel hinges that swing open together with the door and therefore create a wider thoroughfare, are extremely hard wearing and are able to withstand a fair amount of rough use. It can be supplied surfaced with any of our HPL boards. The GP 800 in the example is surfaced with our subdued Wenge wood laminate, which beautifully complements the warm tones of the restaurant’s wooden fittings.

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Classical swing door window with stainless steel frame Access to open kitchen Impressions