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Grothaus Pendeltüren GmbH & Co. KG
Im Gewerbepark 8
49326 Melle

Phone: +49 (0) 5422.7 04 90 20

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We are a family-owned company with a passion for sophisticated technology and outstanding design. We have been developing and producing swing doors since 1996 with our highly creative and experienced team, which is expert at developing innovative solutions.

We have known many of our customers and suppliers for many years and very much value our collaboration with our customers, who come to us from all corners of the globe. We also benefit from their recommendations following successful projects and take seriously their feedback. Our suppliers are just as diligent and flexible, and it is only thanks to our proficient collaboration with them that we are able to act swiftly and be dependable.

Quality| Technology

We manufacture our doors ourselves. All of our doors are made to measure – regardless of whether they are a one-off door, small series or produced in large numbers.

In order to ensure the quality of our products, we also produce all the main components of our swing doors and hinges ourselves. We produce these components using modern CNC-controlled machining systems for metal and plastic processing. We are also able to quickly produce prototypes, because we have an endless capacity to innovate and find things to improve.

Prices| Delivery periods

Please get in touch with us for information on prices and delivery periods. Once we have established the kind of door that is right for you, we will be able to draw up a quote and let you know the delivery period. When getting in touch, please bear in mind that we will ideally need the following information in order to respond to your enquiry: the type of wall, its thickness and the dimensions of the door opening.

We are generally able to deliver our doors very quickly, and tend to dispatch orders within ten working days of receipt – and are also able to do so quicker on request. If you can't wait that long, we are also able to produce doors the next day. We deliver our products right to our customers' door - and that includes worldwide.