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Stainless steel swingdoors GP400 Grothaus dark-brushed
Stainless steel swingdoors GP400 Grothaus light-brushed
Stainless steel swingdoors GP400 Grothaus dark-brushed double door

GP400Stainless steel swing door


Stainless steel swingdoors GP400 Grothaus area of application

This stainless steel swing door is often used in supermarkets in the doorway separating the meat and fish counter and food preparation area. It is made from the same material that is used for worktops, food slicers and working equipment.

The stainless steel door leaf features a CFC-free foam core and combines a high level of functionality with an attractive look. This door is also suitable for pedestrian traffic in hospitals, commercial kitchens and canteens. It is available with matching stainless steel frames.

Opening angle 2 x 90°

DimensionsSpecial dimemsions on request

Stainless steel swingdoors GP400 Grothaus technical drawing door dimensions

Vision panel

Acrylic glass 400 mm round or 400 x 600 mm oval with black rubber seal, safety glass 400 x 600 mm with rectangular stainless steel frame.

Standard design

Stainless steel swingdoors GP400 Grothaus door forms

Colours Any colour deviations from the RAL scale are technically conditioned.

Stainless steel or steel sheet in RAL 9002

Stainless steel brushed
CNS circular-brushed
RAL 9002




Stainless steel hinge with or without 90° stop


Optional: Hinge adjustable in middle position

Finger Protection


Black rubber finger protection in door height


Stainless steel lock with profile cylinder

  • lockable on both sides
  • mounted on top of the door leaf
  • locking into door lintel


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