From Concept to Product

Grothaus has been manufacturing impact traffic doors – also called swing doors or double-acting doors –for industrial applications since 1996. An innovative spirit, a commitment to quality and enthusiasm for good design are the driving force behind us. As a family business, sustainability and responsibility for our actions are a matter of course. We place emphasis on a good working atmosphere and on fair relationships with our customers and suppliers based on partnership.

We are always aware of the latest trends and are able to respond flexibly to our customers’ needs by developing new and further improving existing solutions. When doing so, we pay attention to every little detail. This includes taking a fresh look at everything, including the things that are commonly accepted, and taking new approaches wherever possible – provided they bring us closer to our main objective: To keep things moving on our customers’ premises!

All of our doors are made to measure – regardless of whether you just need a single door, small or large number of doors.